Pediatricians play a fundamental role in monitoring the growth and development of children from birth to adulthood. However, the recommended frequency of check-ups will gradually vary over time. For example, at an early age, pediatricians recommend that parents take their children for regular check-ups to ensure they reach appropriate growth and development milestones.

👉 Visits to the pediatrician are recommended most frequently during the first years of life, with monthly appointments during the first four months, followed by regular visits every two to three months in the first year and every three to four months during the second year.

As the child grows, visits to the pediatrician gradually decrease. However, it is still necessary for school-aged children to have at least one annual check-up; and for teenagers to have annual or biannual appointments, depending on their health status. 👦🩺

👉 Parents must be aware that pediatric care does not automatically end when a child reaches 18 or 21 years of age; it will depend on the maturity and autonomy level of the young adult and the presence of any chronic conditions. Sometimes, a transition to adult medical care may be considered earlier or later, depending on the patient’s needs.

‼ Therefore, you must consult a trusted pediatrician about the transition process and the patient’s health follow-up in adulthood to ensure a smooth and appropriate transition to adult care.